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Welcome to Alaeddin Ventures: Charting New Frontiers with Innovation

Welcome to the dynamic realm of Alaeddin Ventures, a beacon of innovation and diversity that transcends the conventional boundaries of industry. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, Alaeddin Ventures stands at the forefront of shaping tomorrow's successes, weaving a tapestry of transformative ventures that leave an indelible mark.

As architects of progress, our portfolio spans a rich spectrum of industries, each endeavor representing a unique blend of vision, foresight, and unwavering dedication. Alaeddin Ventures is not just a company; it's a dynamic force driving positive change in the business landscape.

Beyond our diverse ventures, Alaeddin Ventures extends a guiding hand to businesses seeking accelerated growth. Our bespoke consulting services are designed to empower enterprises, unlocking their full potential and propelling them toward unparalleled success.

Embark on a journey with Alaeddin Ventures, where limitless possibilities intersect with the pursuit of excellence. 

Explore each venture in-depth in our "Ventures" section, where the intricacies of our endeavors come to life. For further information or to discuss a potential business proposal, our doors are wide open. At Alaeddin Ventures, we thrive on opportunities to expand and welcome collaboration that propels us towards new horizons.

Our Ventures

Alaeddin Construction Projects

Alanya, Turkey

Discover serene living at Vanessa Park in Kargicak, just 15 km from Alanya, Turkey's vibrant city center. Nestled in nature with Toros mountains' protection, this development spans 4213 sqm, featuring three five-story blocks with 85 spacious apartments (66-205 sqm). Enjoy coastal living near picturesque beaches. Contact us for Vanessa Park details.

Combined Heat and Power, Solutions for Power Plants 

Alanya, Turkey

Alaeddin transforms energy in the Middle East with groundbreaking CHP gas engines, utilizing natural gas for simultaneous electricity and thermal energy generation. Achieve 60% higher efficiency, cut costs, and enhance sustainability. Join us in reshaping the energy landscape for a greener, more efficient future.

Waste Oil Recycling

Alanya, Turkey

Alaeddin prioritizes sustainability with FEMD-Tech for used engine oil recycling. This process, free of sulfuric acid, utilizes centrifugation and vacuum distillation to produce premium base oils and light petroleum products. By reducing pollution and transforming oil waste into marketable goods, Alaeddin contributes to a cleaner future in alignment with its values.

Public Transportation Solutions

Bursa, Turkey

Alaeddin transforms public transportation through innovative bus fleet solutions, integrating AI monitoring (AIMS), charger station production, custom fleet design, and driver-centric services. Dedicated to sustainability, we blend advanced technology with environmental consciousness, reducing carbon footprints, and advancing eco-friendly transit systems for a greener, more intelligent urban mobility landscape.

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