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Electric-Bus in Turkey

The growth of electric bus production in Turkey is a testament to the country's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and its position as a leading producer of cutting-edge technology in the renewable energy sector. With a production capacity of over 15,000 buses by the end of 2022, Turkey has positioned itself as a major player in this rapidly-growing industry.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been a pioneer in this movement, launching its first electric bus line in 2019 with a fleet of 45 units produced by Durmazlar Makine, a Turkish manufacturer renowned for its advanced electric bus technology. This visionary investment in sustainable transportation solutions has not only reduced air pollution in the city but has also spurred demand for electric buses both domestically and abroad.

Moreover, Turkish electric bus manufacturers have proven their competitiveness on a global scale, with companies such as Otokar securing major export deals and further solidifying Turkey's reputation as a premier producer of high-quality electric buses. The country's vast production capabilities, combined with its skilled workforce and advanced technological infrastructure, make Turkey an ideal destination for investment in the electric bus industry.

Investing in electric bus production in Turkey offers investors a unique combination of stability, growth potential, and environmental responsibility. With a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainable transportation solutions, Turkey's production capabilities are poised to support the continued growth of the electric bus industry for years to come. So, for those looking to capitalize on the trend towards renewable energy and sustainable transportation, investing in electric bus production in Turkey is an opportunity not to be missed.

About Skywell

Skywell New Energy Automobile Group is a foremost player in the realm of new energy vehicle manufacturing in China. It boasts a comprehensive suite of production certifications for both commercial and passenger vehicles, with its core offerings comprising of new energy passenger vehicles, large and medium-sized buses, light buses, logistics vehicles, and specialized vehicles, as well as the research and development and production of key vehicle components.

In 2017, Skywell Group achieved a production and sales figure of 10,633 units, thereby cementing its entry into the esteemed China New Energy Bus Million Club. In October 2018, the Group was recognized as a "unicorn" enterprise in Jiangsu Province, thereby establishing itself as a new entrant in the list of such enterprises. By 2019, Skywell Group had secured the top spot in terms of production and sales in the new energy commercial vehicle industry in Jiangsu Province, with a ranking of second in the country.


Alaeddin-Skywell Partnership 

At Alaeddin Investment, promoting sustainable development and fostering the transition towards clean energy are at the forefront of our core values. In line with this commitment, we have established a strategic partnership with Skywell to embark on the production of electric buses in Turkey. Previous investments in the country enable us to leverage the local market for sourcing various components, providing a significant boost to the Turkish economy and supporting the growth of its workforce.

As the demand for environmentally-friendly transportation solutions continues to increase, investing in the production of electric buses presents a compelling opportunity for growth and impact. Our partnership with Skywell, combined with Turkey's robust production capabilities, will position us at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry, allowing us to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We understand that investments of this nature require a long-term commitment and a deep understanding of the market. We are dedicated to ensuring that our production facility is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Stay tuned for further updates on our production plant and our ongoing efforts to support sustainable development and clean energy transformation.

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